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Estate Agents Tell You Why Photographs are Important for a Property For Sale

What’s the most ‘in’ marketing trick for real properties of this era? Surprisingly, it’s good photography! ‘Give your audience a visual treat, so that they fall in love with the property you are trying to sell’ – this is the basic idea.

estate agents

With the advent of an ‘Internet-minded’ world, there has been a significant shift in the real estate industry. Social networking platforms like Pinterest and Instagram reveal how consumers have increasingly become dependent on the visual appeal of a property more than everything else. That, which looks great, sells the best!

And still, if you are looking for reasons to click some good photographs for your property for sale, here are a few:

Reason #1: Because a professional picture is worth a thousand words.

Estate agents in Blackheath say that a picture of your property clicked by a professional can help you to sell it at the price you desire. In fact, property listings which have incorporated photographs taken using high-end DSLR cameras, are viewed more by enthusiasts. And yes, they do way better than those cheap point-and-shoot pictures.

Reason #2: Because you only have 30 seconds to impress your audience!

This is a fact. Research reveals how 95% of people looking for a home online spend a maximum of 30 seconds viewing the photo that shows the exterior. This means you just have half a minute to impress a person who is genuinely interested in your property. And, how would you do it without a good photograph?

Reason #3: Because people are excessively thronging the web for information.

A lion’s share of people likes to rely on the Internet to acquire information about properties on sale. Consumers, who are potential home buyers, have increasingly become competent with technology. As such, it is your duty to offer them quality photographs, and, thereby, stay ahead of your competitors.

Reason #4: Because it enhances the value of your property.

A professional photographer will always make sure that the best features of your property are highlighted in the clicks. This, in turn, will help your property stand out and shine. It is not just about showing the space, but also about giving their eyes a treat. Of course, in the long run, the value of your property is hugely enhanced.

Reason #5: Because it gives your property an edge over listings without photos.

An online listing without photos is less clicked than another with photos, reveal the estate agents in Plumstead. The latter even assists in easy deals, encouraging buyers to make quick decisions. In other words, if you rely on the selection procedure of properties online, stunning photographs are a must-have.


The modern real estate market demands that you believe in the power of professional photography to promote your property for sale. It’s about making an enormous, lasting impression. And, you have got to make this look professional in every way.

Happy selling homes!


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