Month: April 2016

5 Key Characteristics of Estate Agents Which Is Prominent In the Professionals of Strood

No matter you are looking for a house to sell, or planning to buy a new property, the best way to get the perfect profitable price in both the scenario is to choose the best of estate agents in the UK. And, to know the best of the estate agents, you must know the characteristics of the same as well.

Hence, here we would discuss about the general key characteristics of the agents that can help you choose the best from the group of professionals. Likely, the Estate Agent in Strood has the following characteristics and can be considered as a fine choice for selling the property.


Note: In this business, you would find many unprofessional, forgery and diplomatic people, hence you have to be extremely careful of what you choose.

The key characteristics of a good professional Estate Agent of UK are:

  • The years in business: The experience and the skills matter the most. But, here is a contradiction. Some of the clients think that a 30 year experienced estate agent can be a misfit in the upgraded way of selling or buying a property, whereas, there are also clients who prefer an experienced professional. However, too much of anything is not good. So, in case of selling a property you need an upgraded yet experienced seller, to deal your property issues.
  • The identification: You have to be careful about the identity of the professional that you would choose. He must be a known face and must not come out of the blue. Remember property dealing involves a lot of personal attachments, so if he is too far and keeps only to his work then you might not connect with him, and may also dodge few questions related to the property. So, ask your friends and relatives and choose someone whom you know.
  • The Paperwork: The professionals are entitled to work all the intricate details of the paperwork in case of both selling and buying a property. You have to take no pain and he should be the one working for you, in this regard.
  • The Payment: An estate agent is only paid when his work is completely done, and not before that. You must not entertain any demands of the agents if they are asking for money in middle of the term. Hence, choose wisely.
  • The Salary: Estate agents should be given the 10% of the profit that you earn from selling a property, whereas, if he helps you in buying the property then he is not entitled to get any money. You might give him some amount out of courteousness, and if you think he is been helpful enough to help you get the deal in the lowest amount but he cannot demand any amount in case of making you buy a property.


Hence, now you must know what to look for in the best of professionals for your valuable property.


3 Estate Agent-Approved Tips To Market a House For Sale on Facebook

facebook-real estate-selling

Facebook is an incredible social networking platform, isn’t it? With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users, the site has emerged as one of the most powerful advertising media of present times. Companies are taking to this platform to talk about their business, which has further been boosted by dint of its commerce-centric features and micro-targeting facilities. Real estate ventures, too, aren’t behind.


Here are a few estate agent-approved marketing tips to put up a property ad on Facebook:

• Post A Virtual Open House Tour

After you have built a strong network of ‘friends’ and ‘followers,’ it is now time to post the first glimpse of your house. What would you do? Post a photograph? Nah. Offer your audience a virtual open house tour instead.

According to market experts, this technique helps in raising the price of the house and selling it for the most desired amount. It also attracts potential buyers who are driven by the motto ‘seeing is believing.’

A virtual open house tour is a video in which you guide the viewers through your entire house and introduce them to the features. It saves time because many viewers will be watching it at the same time. Moreover, according to estate agents Leyton, it instills trust in the viewer’s heart.

• Tell A Story About Your Home

Have a memory associated with your house? Let it out to your audience. People love reading personal accounts. If this was the first house you and your partner bought right after marriage, tell them how special a bond you share with the building.

Reveal how you had a hard time deciding the colour in each room and how the interiors display a part of your personality each. Valuing a property based on emotions gives the viewers a feel that it is something special and they should have it too.

The sweet relation that you share with your residence should not come out abruptly during a deal. It should be fed to your audience, bit by bit.

• Run A Poll

Click a picture of a certain area of your home and ask your viewers what they feel about it. Say, you a small bookshelf installed in your bedroom. Ask your audience what books should be kept in it. Person-directed queries help in kindling curiosity and enhancing engagement.

house on sale sold on fb

In addition, the responses help in promoting your post or page. The more it remains visible on the networking site, the more it will attract interest buyers. This is an indirect form of marketing recommended by the estate agents in E18.

These tips would definitely work if you have the right audience. If needed, you should even go for sponsored ads that keep your advertisement readily noticeable. Remember, your ultimate goal is to convert ‘likers,’ ‘commenters’ and ‘sharers’ to ‘profitable buyers.’ Provide them with unconventional content to chew on, and they would surely come drooling after your house for sale. So, get started now.