6 Essential Questions to Ask Your Estate Agents in SE23 & Forest Hill

Before you buy the property of your fantasies, you should choose your estate agent wisely. This will help you tackle the difficulties that come in the way of owning your dream house.

Oh! Have you already appointed a realtor of your choice? And they have even found a suitable property for you?

Well then, do not forget to ask him/her the following questions to ensure they have the right property. And as realtors are legally bound to give correct answers to your queries, you can take advantage of this to ask as many relevant questions as you want regarding the property. After all, you are going to live there and you have all rights to be aware of its pros and cons.

1: Why are the owners selling the property?


It is crucial for you to know the real reason behind such an important decision. Is there any problem with the property? Are they moving to some other locality or even switching cities? You need to be fed with as much information as possible and a reputable estate agent will do just that and more.

2: For how long is the house there on the market list?


It is quite unusual for a good house to be in the market for more than three months, especially in a region like Forest Hill. People love the Victorian style houses available here and if your agent’s choice house has been there for more than the specified period then you should look into the matter yourself before buying it.

3: Is the neighbourhood amicable enough? Are the neighbours noisy and disturbing?


You should ask all types of questions regarding your neighbours so as to make sure you won’t face any problem with them after. If you have kids, then it is all the more essential for you to inquire about your neighbours to avoid bitter confrontations later.

4: For how long have the owners lived there?


If the answer comes in favour of a very short duration, you can bombard your realtor will all other questions like why, when, how? Is there any issue with the property or just the family is shifting to a new city? Observe carefully what your realtor has to say and plan your next question accordingly.

5: Will you let me speak to the owner myself?


Estate agents in SE23 & Forest Hill area or elsewhere simply hate to answer this question. You have hired them specifically for negotiating on your behalf and they dislike it when you seek permission to contact the owner yourself and discuss matters of the house with him/her directly. So, make sure you ask this only when you think there is a definite problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

6: Is the property second hand? Or has it been handed over by a long chain of owners?


If yes, then you need to check why the owners leave it after some time to ensure there isn’t anything wrong with the house.

Practically speaking, you can ask several other questions on the locality, the prices, council taxes and etc to quench your thirst for information on your dream house. The realtor is bound to provide you with the right answers. If you are convinced enough, go ahead with the sale. Otherwise, you still have several options to choose from.


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