3 Estate Agent-Approved Tips To Market a House For Sale on Facebook

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Facebook is an incredible social networking platform, isn’t it? With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users, the site has emerged as one of the most powerful advertising media of present times. Companies are taking to this platform to talk about their business, which has further been boosted by dint of its commerce-centric features and micro-targeting facilities. Real estate ventures, too, aren’t behind.


Here are a few estate agent-approved marketing tips to put up a property ad on Facebook:

• Post A Virtual Open House Tour

After you have built a strong network of ‘friends’ and ‘followers,’ it is now time to post the first glimpse of your house. What would you do? Post a photograph? Nah. Offer your audience a virtual open house tour instead.

According to market experts, this technique helps in raising the price of the house and selling it for the most desired amount. It also attracts potential buyers who are driven by the motto ‘seeing is believing.’

A virtual open house tour is a video in which you guide the viewers through your entire house and introduce them to the features. It saves time because many viewers will be watching it at the same time. Moreover, according to estate agents Leyton, it instills trust in the viewer’s heart.

• Tell A Story About Your Home

Have a memory associated with your house? Let it out to your audience. People love reading personal accounts. If this was the first house you and your partner bought right after marriage, tell them how special a bond you share with the building.

Reveal how you had a hard time deciding the colour in each room and how the interiors display a part of your personality each. Valuing a property based on emotions gives the viewers a feel that it is something special and they should have it too.

The sweet relation that you share with your residence should not come out abruptly during a deal. It should be fed to your audience, bit by bit.

• Run A Poll

Click a picture of a certain area of your home and ask your viewers what they feel about it. Say, you a small bookshelf installed in your bedroom. Ask your audience what books should be kept in it. Person-directed queries help in kindling curiosity and enhancing engagement.

house on sale sold on fb

In addition, the responses help in promoting your post or page. The more it remains visible on the networking site, the more it will attract interest buyers. This is an indirect form of marketing recommended by the estate agents in E18.

These tips would definitely work if you have the right audience. If needed, you should even go for sponsored ads that keep your advertisement readily noticeable. Remember, your ultimate goal is to convert ‘likers,’ ‘commenters’ and ‘sharers’ to ‘profitable buyers.’ Provide them with unconventional content to chew on, and they would surely come drooling after your house for sale. So, get started now.



First Time Buyer? Your Checkpoints before Choosing Estate Agents in Mattishall

Buying your first home? It is a very daunting task as there are several things that you need to consider and check. You might be tensed as you are probably making the costliest purchase of your life. With so many suggestions from the family members and friends, you might also feel it’s confusing to choose the property.

So, here are a few suggestions that can make the task easier for you.

Mortgage Advice


Undoubtedly, the property is your topmost concern. But you need to check several other things before having the first look of your future house. Right after making your mind to buy a property, you should seek a mortgage advice. A professional advisor is well aware of the mortgage market and can match your requirements to the most suitable mortgage products on the basis of your income, deposit and credit history.

Planning Your Finances


It is a fact that you would want to borrow the maximum amount after being suggested with the borrowing limit. Here you need to rethink. Don’t get tempted and borrow more than what you can repay comfortably. Don’t forget that you have to pay for the council taxes, home insurance, utility bills and property maintenance. All these things are very important to consider if you are buying home for the first time.

Choosing the Property


Now, you are all set to start the process of viewing the properties. Look for those that can be resold easily, for instance, a property in a popular location with necessary facilities. You should also pay special attention to the construction of the property. Look for those that have a universal appeal like the modern townhouses that have two bedrooms.

Have a Profound Look at the Location


While living in your first bought home, you may find several problems that you have not considered when you selected the property. There are instances when people face problems related to car parking, noisy neighborhood, and anti-social activities. To get rid of such problems, you need to visit the property several times.

About Mattishall


The village Mattishall is situated in the English County of Norfolk. It is at a distance of 13 miles from the central Norwich and 4 miles from Dereham. The civil parish has witnessed several developments from the 1960s. Now, you can find here a memorial hall, sports and social clubs, well-known schools, modern health facilities and everything necessary to make it a good location.

Mattishall can also be called one of the safest places to live in. It doesn’t have a good rank in the list that records the crime stats of several parts of the U.K.

What to Look For in the Estate Agents in Mattishall?

  • The professional estate agents in Mattishall should deal in both residential and commercial properties.
  • They should have a standard marketing strategy.
  • They must exhibit properties in both digital and local media.
  • They are responsible for everything, from property viewings to negotiations.
  • They should provide you with a free, no-obligation valuation.

Last but not the least, they should have expert knowledge of the local property market. So, don’t worry. Keep all these suggestions in mind and enjoy your property purchase.

Leytonstone and Leyton Can Be Fine Places Away From London That Can Be Considered Having a Fine Stay

Did you know the property in Leytonstone is 33.4% below the average London house price? Well, in numbers the average property price in Leytonstone is £370,578, whereas in London it is £556,125. Now did you get the difference?

Image Source – wikipidia.org

£185,547, the difference between the prices is huge. So why would you waste time and money living in London, when you can save thousands of Euros by just shifting to the mere outskirts of the capital city.

And, if you want a stricter way of market preview, you can shift your focus to Leyton, where the market price is slightly different. In comparison, Leyton markets any house to 33.8% below the London house price. And the price of a London house is as mentioned above £556,125, whereas the average price of a Leyton house is £368,100. You can find some here  – http://bit.ly/1SMmYHz

You can save £2,478 if you come to Leyton E10 form Leytonstone E15.

Any which way, both the places would rank high in the priority list if you sit down to choose where you should move to, from London. With one of the best schools, pubs and property management, Leytonstone is a place which should not create a frown when it comes to the having a life here.

There are many Roman archeological features that are found Here. which have earned their name for some of the town like places in east London. Being a part of Greater London, it does not need a mention that the two places would have all the necessities for having a great life.

Then why would you wait? After all, the progressive population of the capital city is in no way making the place livable. But, then it is not possible for any human being to leave his home back in London and pack his bag in search of a property.

Here comes in the estate agents of Leyton and Leytonstone to rescue. They play a wonderful part in searching your perfect home and helping you make the correct decision. The question comes when you have to choose the best professional among many.

So here are a few tips to help you in this search (as you can leave the perfect search for the house to the person whom you would find the best):

Screenshot 45

  • Check on his educational background. This is very important. You would find many who are estate agents by profession, but do not know anything about the market. You would know this once you start judging them through their
  • credentials. If they are educated in their field, then they would definitely get a certificate. Check that!
  •  One needs to be a master of marketing in this field. Creative, innovative, new, attractive should be one’s key points while chalking out the marketing scheme.
  • One must also be able to handle all the multiple paperwork hazards that come along in one’s field of work. One must do one’s homework on it, way before.
  • The convincing power should be the professional’s strength. An estate agent is someone who would be able to do that like a cakewalk.

10 Reasons Why Brockley Will Sweep Property Hunters off Their Feet

Resting in an ideal location between Croydon and Shoreditch, this electrical ward is all set to become south-east London’s next big thing.

Yes, Brockley’s popularity is relatively newfangled. And it’s a huge surprise how this district never smoked out for property seekers before. It flaunts a unique concoction of wide open spaces, affordable house prices, and great community spirit. Let’s find out what else adds to the area’s appeal.


#1: This area has won against East Dulwich.

The latter has been the poshest and most sought-after centre of property activities until now. But, this credit has been seized by the electoral ward. Did you know, East Dulwich has been outshone by the area in terms of online search statistics?


#2: It’s perfectly located.

The area is perfect for commuters. Further, because it’s a conservation area, it is away from the humdrum city life. The area is in close vicinity of central London; it’s only 10 minutes away from Travel Zone 2 and 2 stops from the Jubilee line interchange. The East London Line has further eased commuting.


#3: Local business is thriving despite recession.

How often does this happen? Darren Johnson, the local councillor of the electoral ward, says that the area is witnessing an ‘explosion’ in local business in spite of being subject to a series of nasty recessions. Indeed, there has been a steady rise in wacky local shops and great eateries here.


#4: There are loads of quirky eateries and shops.

For early commuters, there’s The Broca to sip piping hot coffee, and The Toad’s Mouth to dig into some sophisticated food. And did you notice the creative offbeat mixing of a cafe-like aura with an art gallery in The Brockley Mess? There are lots of independent eateries around. The place is also a home to a well-known wine merchant. Find out who.


#5: Properties are available at dead cheap rates.

The area is turning into an affordable property kernel – a spot where buying a property will not burn a hole in your pocketbook. Forget cash, if you have the taste, this is one area that will promise you all the goodness of a profitable property deal. Estate agents in Brockley suggest you hurry up before the prices rise.


#6: There’s the Brockley Market to woo dwellers.

This is an aspect not many will talk about. But yes, this market is what’s responsible for the area’s unique and undisputed charm. Every Saturday, it pulls crowds from various walks of life, putting on display a plethora of merchandise.


#7: It’s safe to live here.

The electoral ward has low crime rates. Newcomers say they can sense a great sense of community that binds the dwellers here. And according to the residents, people are there for one another. Needless to say, it’s amongst the safest places to live in south-east London.


#8: The area offers opportunities for creative minds.

It is already popular for its off-centric exhibitions, comedy events, inclination towards theatres, and a host of arthouse film clubs. Did you know, a whopping fifty artists once showed up at Brockley Open Studios? Further, there’s good news for creative people – the Sunday Open Art Saloon has promised to be a connecting medium for local artists.


#9: It’s rich in quality educational institutions.

There’s a girl’s school in the centre of the area that resembles Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Brockley also has a number of primary schools, including Myatt Garden, St. John’s, and St. Mary Magdalen. Moreover, two hugely popular schools – Prendergast and Haberdashers’ Aske are nearby.Brockley7.jpg

#10: The open green spaces will sweep you off your feet.

The talk here is about places like Blythe Hill, Hilly Fields and the nature reserve of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries. Yes, the area is laden with green. Urbanisation here is subtle, not to cause inconvenience, but to protect the rustic ambiance.

All property seekers, this area definitely deserves your attention. Keep an eye on it.

Estate Agents Will Divide Your Work into Half and Help You Meet Your Dream in Camberwell

Introducing Estate agents Camberwell

Buying and selling property is never an easy task, especially when you have decided to take the whole responsibility on yourself. Can you really dare to go through all the hassles coming in your way?

Primarily, you may think, hiring estate agents will help you in no way. But, this belief will soon turn into a blatant fallacy once you practically hire them. Having years of experience in this field, they will not only suggest the best thing for you, but also make sure, you are not confronted with any sort of unwanted incident in due course.

Provided, you have opted for one of the renowned agencies in your city, you will surely get the best value for your money. Thus, it should become your prime responsibility not to take the matter lightly and conduct a profound research before you invest your hard-earned money.

estate agents in Camberwell

Suppose, you are located in Camberwell and already puzzled with a number of complications coming in your way, it’s time for you to know that the estate agents in Camberwell share a wide reputation in the market for being a great support to all the help seekers dealing with excruciating problems in this regard. They will not only reduce all the hassles involved in this process, but also make sure that you enjoy a stress free account.

Estate agents are best known for extending their helping hand in all sorts of property dealing. Are you thinking of selling you existing property? Yes, it’s the right time to call up the agents. They will introduce you with the most prominent property-seekers in the city and help you get the desired worth for your property. Presenting a home at its best requires a good amount of expertise. Efficient agents will put in their finest skills and make your home dazzle with premium effects.

Also, in case, you are planning to purchase your dream home in the city, you can again take a deep sigh of relief! The estate agents will help you find out the best land that meets all your requirements, thereby meeting your expectations to the fullest.

Say ‘good-bye’ to all your worries, also if you are thinking of renting a portion of your residing zone. The professional agents will again come to your prime aid. Using their matchless flair, they will help you come across the most eminent tenants and convince them to pay the desired rent as well.

So, do you still think, you have reasons to worry about your property affairs? The answer should definitely be a big ‘No’! So, before it gets too late and the potential customers slip out of your hand, why don’t you take your phone up and give a swift call to the most eminent agent in your city? It will not only be highly beneficial to your cause, but will also provide you just what you are looking for.

The Role Of An Estate Agent In The Purchase Or Letting Of Your Property

Want to become an estate agent? Then, get ready for a roller-coaster ride! An estate agent plays a pivotal role in the marketing of houses, be it purchasing or selling the same. He plays the middle man in validating the property from the seller to the buyer. From the marketing of the house to selling it, everything is done by him.

estate agent

They are responsible for looking at the property’s condition and the area value of the land as well. In accordance to that, they must choose the best price and seek for the maximum profit that their client can get. A professional estate agent is someone who will also have the ability to negotiate with his seller clients, to make the deal more worthy.

The types of agents:


Well, this is a vast topic. There are many types of agents who fall under the same category. The agents, who deal with the purchases of houses or properties, are called residential estate agents. Whereas, the commercial estate agents are the people who deal with many of such offices or shops or hotels or restaurants, are more concentrated on the business. The rural agents are the same who specializes only in the land business.

The typical works of the agents:

Estate agents in Strood serve the duties of the typical professional estate agents, and this has earned them a good name in South East England. Therefore, to note down there are certain responsibilities of agents, such as:

  • They collect all the detailed information about the property and take the necessary photographs of the place so that it is easier for their clients to judge the place properly.
  • They also keep in constant touch with the sellers so that they can judge the property and increase the sellability of the property.
  • They also estimate the property well, keeping in mind the surroundings.
  • They do their best to market a property so that it is sold in the earliest of times.
  • The professionals would also have the ability to negotiate with the clients, without falling into any emotional traps.
  • They also have to keep an eye on the demands of his clients, so that he doesn’t get a bad name, even after selling the property.
  • As he plays the middle role between the clients and the seller, he has to get the approval from both ends regarding the selling price of the property.
  • He must do his homework for every property. It would help him in getting the best feedback from every client.
  • He also has to be updated with every single change that is happening in the market of real estate property.

Therefore, the role of estate agents is very important. A good agent can also be a blessing to you if you are looking to sell your property.

Estate Agents Can Be Your One-stop Solution for All Kinds of Property Needs

Take a huge sigh of relief, if you are extremely tensed about dealing with the excruciating aspects of property matters. Professional estate agents are full of every potential to mitigate all the complications coming in your way in due course.

They are meant to fulfill your every requirement irrespective of the kind. Buying, selling and letting properties can become as easy as a cakewalk, provided you have chosen the right estate agent. They will take the finest care of the whole affair and never let you brood over your decision.


There are a number of advantages of hiring professional agents and they are as follows:

  • Your chosen agent will act as your link to the potential buyers and present your property in the best possible manner. For getting the preferred price for your home, it’s very important that you brush up its appearance in the most premium way. The professional experts will give you an extensive guideline about how to chisel up the look of your property and help you get the best value for money.
  • Dealing with property always involves a number of legal formalities. Missing a single norm can lead you to immense trouble. But as you are a complete green in this domain, you might confront different issues. The expert estate agents will guide you in every step, helping you overcome all the obstacles coming in your way.
  • By hiring an agent to handle the buying and selling process, you are actually giving the responsibility to a whole company. So, there is no doubt in the fact that all your requirements will be taken the best care of.
  • Most importantly, they will save your money as well. While you are dealing with the obscure aspects of property, there always remains a huge chance to get duped by anyone at anytime. For your immense knowledge, the professional agents will help in your every march, thereby saving you from a number of unwanted lures.


Suppose, you are in Plumstead and thinking of selling your striking guest house on sale, the best thing you can do is check the reviews of the users. The estate agents in the city have a sound standing in the market and can help you in the best manner. Still, it would be the wisest act to conduct a full-fledged research and opt for the one who has the finest skill to serve your all-inclusive requirements.

Once you call in an agency, the expert representatives over here will take the whole initiative to register you with the company. After they are done with this primary task, they will arrange a meeting with you where all your requisites will be clearly discussed over.

Give a blow to all your worries and appoint the best estate agency to make your dream come true.


Know about the qualities an estate agent must have