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Know Your Area Before You Opt For A Property – Mottingham

The crowd of London often wears out the energy to live there. Apparently, the Eye of London does not have its magic spell on you for a longer time. Hence, when you will be done with the tourist crowd visiting London for its British and Science Museum, National Gallery and Madame Tussauds, you would want a place to live in for its esthetic view and peace of mind that it offers.

In that case, Mottingham will be a perfect place to live in. With greenery and lakes beside, this place offers you the tall mansion like places to live in. so if you are searching for a property contact an Estate Agent in Mottingham immediately and be sorted with the best property or house within your budget.

The place was mentioned as a settlement in 862AD, and was known as Modingahema, the land of people of Moda’s. The common elucidation of that phrase would be the land of “The Proud People”.

Estate Agents Mottingham

Here are some of the points on which you might choose Mottingham as a serene place to live in.


This place was firstly a farm land with lots of space. But after the war around two thousand housing estates were built in and around 1930 to give a shelter to the people from run-down areas such as Bermondsey, Brockley, Poplar and Deptford. But they were not called the poor people. They were hailed as the Moda people.

It is beautiful to see that this place still holds on to its pride of having the people from different parts of London. After the war this place has been a great a shelter to such people and now is growing towards a better future with better property.



This place can cause a reason to smile. The youthful crowd drinks beer at the corners and takes pride in the liberal attitude of the place.

The provision for the young people that does exist includes:

  • The youth club
  • Afterschool clubs
  • Scouts
  • A BMX track
  • “Little Eds‟ club
  • And all the Dance and drama activities

The elderly people of this town take their leisure time out and take care of the gardens and they recall the place characterized by wealth of community activity.


There are availability of buses and railways in the vicinity of this place. The buses serving the Big Local Mottingham area are Nos. 124 and 126. And thje station is in Grove Park, Mottingham Village and Elmstead Woods.

People in this area mostly have their own cars and ride it without being dependent on the local mobility issue.

Mottingham also serves transport for London by bus services which links places like Bromley, north Greenwich, and Woolwich.


There are three primary schools namely Castlecombe Primary, Mottingham Primary, St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, and a fourth, Dorset Road Primary, lying just outside the area to the north, which would release you from the tension of having your kids without education.

After having a close view of such points to be remembered while purchasing a property at Mottingham, you should be all set to do so.

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