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6 Essential Questions to Ask Your Estate Agents in SE23 & Forest Hill

Before you buy the property of your fantasies, you should choose your estate agent wisely. This will help you tackle the difficulties that come in the way of owning your dream house.

Oh! Have you already appointed a realtor of your choice? And they have even found a suitable property for you?

Well then, do not forget to ask him/her the following questions to ensure they have the right property. And as realtors are legally bound to give correct answers to your queries, you can take advantage of this to ask as many relevant questions as you want regarding the property. After all, you are going to live there and you have all rights to be aware of its pros and cons.

1: Why are the owners selling the property?


It is crucial for you to know the real reason behind such an important decision. Is there any problem with the property? Are they moving to some other locality or even switching cities? You need to be fed with as much information as possible and a reputable estate agent will do just that and more.

2: For how long is the house there on the market list?


It is quite unusual for a good house to be in the market for more than three months, especially in a region like Forest Hill. People love the Victorian style houses available here and if your agent’s choice house has been there for more than the specified period then you should look into the matter yourself before buying it.

3: Is the neighbourhood amicable enough? Are the neighbours noisy and disturbing?


You should ask all types of questions regarding your neighbours so as to make sure you won’t face any problem with them after. If you have kids, then it is all the more essential for you to inquire about your neighbours to avoid bitter confrontations later.

4: For how long have the owners lived there?


If the answer comes in favour of a very short duration, you can bombard your realtor will all other questions like why, when, how? Is there any issue with the property or just the family is shifting to a new city? Observe carefully what your realtor has to say and plan your next question accordingly.

5: Will you let me speak to the owner myself?


Estate agents in SE23 & Forest Hill area or elsewhere simply hate to answer this question. You have hired them specifically for negotiating on your behalf and they dislike it when you seek permission to contact the owner yourself and discuss matters of the house with him/her directly. So, make sure you ask this only when you think there is a definite problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

6: Is the property second hand? Or has it been handed over by a long chain of owners?


If yes, then you need to check why the owners leave it after some time to ensure there isn’t anything wrong with the house.

Practically speaking, you can ask several other questions on the locality, the prices, council taxes and etc to quench your thirst for information on your dream house. The realtor is bound to provide you with the right answers. If you are convinced enough, go ahead with the sale. Otherwise, you still have several options to choose from.


6 Vital Steps to Worthwhile Property Management in South Woodford

Untitled design (5).jpg

Being a developing suburb in North West London, South Woodford is getting populated day by day. North Circular road and M11 Motorway have encircled the city in a way that you get connected with nearby areas.

On the other hand, circular line level crossing meets the area and South Woodford bus route making the place communicable enough. As result, people have started gathering here for their residential needs.

These residential needs have helped several real estate industries grow here.
Investing money in the process of hiring the investment manager is a tough work to do. It’s obvious that you are seeking for a loyal, honest, and organised service.
But the question is how to judge them?

property management.jpg

Here are some tips that help you get the best service in this field.

1. Get referrals from other sources:

Your conversational skills could lead you to getting the best referrals. Meet people and collect info about the service providers. Their comments play the most vital role here. Remember both the positive and the negative comments.

The next part is to cross question the property managers and judge according to their reply and your requirements.Always keep in mind that referrals can be biased. If you’ve heard the same thing multiple times from the clients that’s a good sign. You can trust that manager.

2. Online search of your own:

Self-help is the best help. So, help yourself by browsing the dealer’s sites and give special attention to the reviews, ranks and comments.
Before you go for an interview with the property dealers take a tour of their official web page and their social network profiles.

3. Check out the recent work:

Look for the property managements recent ads and also point out where they are published, in a local magazine or in a reputed journal or newspaper? If you’re searching for the property management in South Woodford look online, you can find the best service.
Also, visit the places that were under their possessions and already sold out. Talk with the new as well as the old owner of those properties.

4. Interview several property managements:

If you have already gone through the above-mentioned process and made a list of some dealer, now is the time to negotiate. In this process, you have to deal with several property dealers and by this process, you have to compare them to find out the trusted agency.
An agency that has placed 20 tenants in last month and 25 tenants in the current month is obviously a trusted and reputed one.
You should also ask about their service areas, process etc.

5. Check the Licence and the certificate:

Almost all property managements require a real estate broker’s licence in order to show a vacant apartment or land. You have to confirm the fact if the dealer’s State Real Estate Commission is active.
Licences and certificates are completely different thing. Whereas licences prove their existence, certificate is an approval of being trusted. Check if your chosen agency is certified or not.

6. Examine the agreement:

Before finalising, go through their agreement several times. The responsibility and area of working are declared on their agreement. Check the terms and conditions remain same which you have discussed before. Pay extra attention while reading their service section. Be aware if you find any extra charges or some hidden responsibility of the owner that they never informed.

Finding asset is a tiresome and time-consuming work indeed. One should be very careful and aware of every bit of this filed. Take a wise and smart decision while dealing with property. Hope you will be benefited by this piece.

Choosing Estate Agents in Forest Hill Will Not Be Difficult If They Have These Skills

Moving out of your hometown or the place you have been living for quite some time is difficult. But, placing yourself in some other place safely is something way more difficult. And, in this difficult journey, if you have some help to guide you then it will be an easy venture.

What type of houses do you want to see in SE23?


Budget is the main criteria here. When you move out of some place, it already drains your mind and energy, plus some facilities and taxes would be too much to repay while leaving the place. So, you might already be in a state where you have settle down in place where the tax is less and payable. In such cases, it is advisable that you give it some time and check out all the types of houses, and even the ones in lettings.

But, by the average price list of the houses in the postal code SE23, it is seen that buying flats are a better option, as it comes within a budget of £337,996. And, if you think residing in a rented flat will be economic then, you might ask the estate agents in SE23 to make you view the properties to be rented. Forest Hill is a good place to even have a rented apartment, as it will come within a budget of £200,000; which is by far quite approachable and payable.

Your estate agent will be a good guide, if you even want to check out the detached and the semi-detached properties in Forest Hill. Huge palatial buildings with garages and personal gardens are a fine option to choose from.

Why will it not be difficult to find agents in Forest Hill?


Searching for a good company, apparently who is a leader of estate agents service in Forest Hill is like finding out the best coal that will be the best diamond. Yes, it is that difficult and unpredictable. But, when you come to Forest Hill, it shouldn’t be much of difficulty, as the professionals here are renowned and socially active; these qualities make them more reliable as a choice amongst the others for finding out the best possible real estate listings in that area.

Without much ado, let’s begin with the qualifications of the estate agents in Forest Hill that will surely make them your choice when you search property here.

  • They are affiliated by the Guild of Professional Estate Agents, which a renowned certification.
  • If you are planning for the tenancy, then you would be happy to know that the estate agents of this locality are ARLA regulated.
  • They appear in 30 and more listing sites with their property details, so they have a wide and detailed knowledge about every property. And, hence can be great to have them on board.
  • You can also follow them on various social sites, to know the different properties before you contact them. It is a great idea to know what you want through your computer screens.

What else would you need in an estate agent company who is as renowned as to get listed in Rightmove and Trust them and the process; they will find you the best of properties according to your choice. Happy house hunting!

A Questionnaire of the Estate Agents That Will Help You Judge Them Correctly in North Walsham

Agents are like the saviours who come out of the blue to guard you from the bad selection of properties or trusting the bad names. Especially, when you do not know where to go and which property to approach, you have to be careful about the choosing of the agent as well.

Estate agents in North Walsham who offers free valuations can be a trusted name in this industry as they have been for long and constantly winning clients from different parts of London, for their professionalism and behaviour.

Professionals have understood the problem the customers face when they have to deal with the unknown agents and hence have formed a set of questionnaire with their probable answers that you must get from the agent and therefore, you can evaluate his value or credibility.

So, here is the questionnaire, which might help you out:

  1. What is the term of your presence in this business?


It is important to note that the agent must be in this business for a longer time. Check out the year of his activity. He must say that he is the business for more than 5 years after he got his license activated. With the maximum number of experience he will have the skills of the real estate agent and can be more professional in his work.

  1. Are you related to the membership of National Association of Realtors? 


The name NAR carries a lot of weight and if you are working with an estate agent who is a member of NAR, then you can secure from all sides. Because, this organization requires certain standards to qualify agents, hence there will be false people taking a degree from here.

  1. Can you list my home at MLS? 


The Multiple Listing Service would help the agents to post your house and details to a platform where other agents can view your property and details. Especially, when you have hired the agent for selling your house, being a member of MLS can benefit you.

  1. Are you free on weekends? 


Mostly, open houses take place in the weekends where they have to see the details of the property, so the answer should be a yes, from your agent.

  1. Can you mark out the way you will represent us?


And, his probable answer to this question would include housing inspections, mortgage approval process, and then being present at your closing.

  1. Do you know the details of our area? 


The agents must know the ins and outs of your locality, if he intends to both selling and even buying a property.

  1. How many homes have you sold?


The number of houses sold by him in the previous year is important as it will mark his credibility and grip over the industry. But, if the market activity is low, then his number of sold houses might change, and hence you should not be completely judging him by the numbers.

After a strict interview with these questions, you will be sure of the credibility of the estate agents.


3 Estate Agent-Approved Tips To Market a House For Sale on Facebook

facebook-real estate-selling

Facebook is an incredible social networking platform, isn’t it? With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users, the site has emerged as one of the most powerful advertising media of present times. Companies are taking to this platform to talk about their business, which has further been boosted by dint of its commerce-centric features and micro-targeting facilities. Real estate ventures, too, aren’t behind.


Here are a few estate agent-approved marketing tips to put up a property ad on Facebook:

• Post A Virtual Open House Tour

After you have built a strong network of ‘friends’ and ‘followers,’ it is now time to post the first glimpse of your house. What would you do? Post a photograph? Nah. Offer your audience a virtual open house tour instead.

According to market experts, this technique helps in raising the price of the house and selling it for the most desired amount. It also attracts potential buyers who are driven by the motto ‘seeing is believing.’

A virtual open house tour is a video in which you guide the viewers through your entire house and introduce them to the features. It saves time because many viewers will be watching it at the same time. Moreover, according to estate agents Leyton, it instills trust in the viewer’s heart.

• Tell A Story About Your Home

Have a memory associated with your house? Let it out to your audience. People love reading personal accounts. If this was the first house you and your partner bought right after marriage, tell them how special a bond you share with the building.

Reveal how you had a hard time deciding the colour in each room and how the interiors display a part of your personality each. Valuing a property based on emotions gives the viewers a feel that it is something special and they should have it too.

The sweet relation that you share with your residence should not come out abruptly during a deal. It should be fed to your audience, bit by bit.

• Run A Poll

Click a picture of a certain area of your home and ask your viewers what they feel about it. Say, you a small bookshelf installed in your bedroom. Ask your audience what books should be kept in it. Person-directed queries help in kindling curiosity and enhancing engagement.

house on sale sold on fb

In addition, the responses help in promoting your post or page. The more it remains visible on the networking site, the more it will attract interest buyers. This is an indirect form of marketing recommended by the estate agents in E18.

These tips would definitely work if you have the right audience. If needed, you should even go for sponsored ads that keep your advertisement readily noticeable. Remember, your ultimate goal is to convert ‘likers,’ ‘commenters’ and ‘sharers’ to ‘profitable buyers.’ Provide them with unconventional content to chew on, and they would surely come drooling after your house for sale. So, get started now.


First Time Buyer? Your Checkpoints before Choosing Estate Agents in Mattishall

Buying your first home? It is a very daunting task as there are several things that you need to consider and check. You might be tensed as you are probably making the costliest purchase of your life. With so many suggestions from the family members and friends, you might also feel it’s confusing to choose the property.

So, here are a few suggestions that can make the task easier for you.

Mortgage Advice


Undoubtedly, the property is your topmost concern. But you need to check several other things before having the first look of your future house. Right after making your mind to buy a property, you should seek a mortgage advice. A professional advisor is well aware of the mortgage market and can match your requirements to the most suitable mortgage products on the basis of your income, deposit and credit history.

Planning Your Finances


It is a fact that you would want to borrow the maximum amount after being suggested with the borrowing limit. Here you need to rethink. Don’t get tempted and borrow more than what you can repay comfortably. Don’t forget that you have to pay for the council taxes, home insurance, utility bills and property maintenance. All these things are very important to consider if you are buying home for the first time.

Choosing the Property


Now, you are all set to start the process of viewing the properties. Look for those that can be resold easily, for instance, a property in a popular location with necessary facilities. You should also pay special attention to the construction of the property. Look for those that have a universal appeal like the modern townhouses that have two bedrooms.

Have a Profound Look at the Location


While living in your first bought home, you may find several problems that you have not considered when you selected the property. There are instances when people face problems related to car parking, noisy neighborhood, and anti-social activities. To get rid of such problems, you need to visit the property several times.

About Mattishall


The village Mattishall is situated in the English County of Norfolk. It is at a distance of 13 miles from the central Norwich and 4 miles from Dereham. The civil parish has witnessed several developments from the 1960s. Now, you can find here a memorial hall, sports and social clubs, well-known schools, modern health facilities and everything necessary to make it a good location.

Mattishall can also be called one of the safest places to live in. It doesn’t have a good rank in the list that records the crime stats of several parts of the U.K.

What to Look For in the Estate Agents in Mattishall?

  • The professional estate agents in Mattishall should deal in both residential and commercial properties.
  • They should have a standard marketing strategy.
  • They must exhibit properties in both digital and local media.
  • They are responsible for everything, from property viewings to negotiations.
  • They should provide you with a free, no-obligation valuation.

Last but not the least, they should have expert knowledge of the local property market. So, don’t worry. Keep all these suggestions in mind and enjoy your property purchase.

Leytonstone and Leyton Can Be Fine Places Away From London That Can Be Considered Having a Fine Stay

Did you know the property in Leytonstone is 33.4% below the average London house price? Well, in numbers the average property price in Leytonstone is £370,578, whereas in London it is £556,125. Now did you get the difference?

Image Source –

£185,547, the difference between the prices is huge. So why would you waste time and money living in London, when you can save thousands of Euros by just shifting to the mere outskirts of the capital city.

And, if you want a stricter way of market preview, you can shift your focus to Leyton, where the market price is slightly different. In comparison, Leyton markets any house to 33.8% below the London house price. And the price of a London house is as mentioned above £556,125, whereas the average price of a Leyton house is £368,100. You can find some here  –

You can save £2,478 if you come to Leyton E10 form Leytonstone E15.

Any which way, both the places would rank high in the priority list if you sit down to choose where you should move to, from London. With one of the best schools, pubs and property management, Leytonstone is a place which should not create a frown when it comes to the having a life here.

There are many Roman archeological features that are found Here. which have earned their name for some of the town like places in east London. Being a part of Greater London, it does not need a mention that the two places would have all the necessities for having a great life.

Then why would you wait? After all, the progressive population of the capital city is in no way making the place livable. But, then it is not possible for any human being to leave his home back in London and pack his bag in search of a property.

Here comes in the estate agents of Leyton and Leytonstone to rescue. They play a wonderful part in searching your perfect home and helping you make the correct decision. The question comes when you have to choose the best professional among many.

So here are a few tips to help you in this search (as you can leave the perfect search for the house to the person whom you would find the best):

Screenshot 45

  • Check on his educational background. This is very important. You would find many who are estate agents by profession, but do not know anything about the market. You would know this once you start judging them through their
  • credentials. If they are educated in their field, then they would definitely get a certificate. Check that!
  •  One needs to be a master of marketing in this field. Creative, innovative, new, attractive should be one’s key points while chalking out the marketing scheme.
  • One must also be able to handle all the multiple paperwork hazards that come along in one’s field of work. One must do one’s homework on it, way before.
  • The convincing power should be the professional’s strength. An estate agent is someone who would be able to do that like a cakewalk.