5 Deciding Questions That Can Help You Choose The Best Estate Agents in Lewisham

Introducing Estate Agents Lewisham

After quite a few negotiations, you must have come to this conclusion that you must hire an estate agent for the business dealings of your property. Therefore, you must be in a search for someone who has all the qualities to be the best in this field.

Estate agents in Lewisham are the best in the field when it comes to the South East London area. With the numerous shopping plazas and unending list of eateries this place has the best prospect of property. Hence, you can certainly plan to buy a property here.

Now there are many factors that will determine the quality of the agent. Therefore, to judge a person by his knowledge and credential one needs to be very sharp and judgemental. As every individual is different one might not have strong judgemental power as the other. Therefore, you can ask certain question, and prepare an interview for the agent to be assured about his credibility.

F you are confused about the set of questions that you might ask to the professional, and then here is the list. Ask these few questions and get to know his job role better.Estate agents in Lewisham (2)

  1. When did you come to this profession?

In order to get the appropriate answer to this question, a person must answer with his accurate number of experience. Remember, the more the better. More number of years in this profession would mean that the person knows how to tackle any client or situation. But choose a person who has a good number of experience but he is also not old enough for such a profession.

  1. How many properties have you sold in this locality?

In a locality a renowned agent must sell 5 properties in a year if the property sale is high or the locality is good. By the number of properties that he will sell can judge his marketing skills.

  1. How much do I need to invest in the advertising of my property?

He must be a person who is keen on saving your money and giving you a better and bigger profit. So, he should not suggest you a big amount for the advertising of the house. Rather, he should ask you to repair your house and make its outlook better so that people can get attracted by its appearance, and agree to the amount that is already set him.

He can also arrange for house visit and do some traditional way of advertising, like giving the picture of the household in the newspaper and putting up sign boards and hoardings. This will not cost you much.

  1. By how many months will you be able to sell my property?

He must be confident enough to answer this question. By giving the approximate number of months he will not only show his command over this field and his own work, but has the fair chances of sealing the deal.

  1. How are you different from the other agents that I have interviewed before?

As this is the most important question, and varies from person to person, therefore, it must be asked at the end of interview. Every agent must have his own point of view that he can showcase as an answer to this question. Therefore, if you couldn’t make up your mind, as to which agent to work with, you can definitely look forward to the answers of this question and come to a final decision.

Good luck with your interview round with the agents. It is assured that after the answers you will have a clear picture to choose the best among the many.