North Walsham

A Questionnaire of the Estate Agents That Will Help You Judge Them Correctly in North Walsham

Agents are like the saviours who come out of the blue to guard you from the bad selection of properties or trusting the bad names. Especially, when you do not know where to go and which property to approach, you have to be careful about the choosing of the agent as well.

Estate agents in North Walsham who offers free valuations can be a trusted name in this industry as they have been for long and constantly winning clients from different parts of London, for their professionalism and behaviour.

Professionals have understood the problem the customers face when they have to deal with the unknown agents and hence have formed a set of questionnaire with their probable answers that you must get from the agent and therefore, you can evaluate his value or credibility.

So, here is the questionnaire, which might help you out:

  1. What is the term of your presence in this business?


It is important to note that the agent must be in this business for a longer time. Check out the year of his activity. He must say that he is the business for more than 5 years after he got his license activated. With the maximum number of experience he will have the skills of the real estate agent and can be more professional in his work.

  1. Are you related to the membership of National Association of Realtors? 


The name NAR carries a lot of weight and if you are working with an estate agent who is a member of NAR, then you can secure from all sides. Because, this organization requires certain standards to qualify agents, hence there will be false people taking a degree from here.

  1. Can you list my home at MLS? 


The Multiple Listing Service would help the agents to post your house and details to a platform where other agents can view your property and details. Especially, when you have hired the agent for selling your house, being a member of MLS can benefit you.

  1. Are you free on weekends? 


Mostly, open houses take place in the weekends where they have to see the details of the property, so the answer should be a yes, from your agent.

  1. Can you mark out the way you will represent us?


And, his probable answer to this question would include housing inspections, mortgage approval process, and then being present at your closing.

  1. Do you know the details of our area? 


The agents must know the ins and outs of your locality, if he intends to both selling and even buying a property.

  1. How many homes have you sold?


The number of houses sold by him in the previous year is important as it will mark his credibility and grip over the industry. But, if the market activity is low, then his number of sold houses might change, and hence you should not be completely judging him by the numbers.

After a strict interview with these questions, you will be sure of the credibility of the estate agents.