West Hampstead

Estate Agents in West Hampstead Reveal Why People Fall In Love With The Place


Introducing Real Estate Agents West Hampstead

To the north-west of London lies the Borough of Camden, which is home to the residential area of West Hampstead. The essence of the place is three train stations – all three the namesakes of each other and that of the place.

The residents say it’s one of the finest and safest areas to live in London. With a population of around 33,000, the district comes to life, especially in the evening. However, you will never find an all-night party zeal in the air here; people are very responsible.

It is a thriving land of friendly communities. So, what is it about this place that attracts settlers? Why do people desire their abodes here? What has made the dwellers fall in love with the area? Let’s check that out.

  • Housing and Property


If you are thinking about a house for rent, you can expect a letting amount of about £120 a week for a decent room. Within Finchley Road and West End Land, you will witness a number of beautiful Victorian semi-detached homes with the characteristic red bricks adorning them.

New constructions are not uncommon either. And there are mansions and terraced buildings as well, most bearing Art Deco styles. Houses sell more than flats here. This trend has remained intact for almost a decade now, according to the estate agents in West Hampstead.

This development has been pretty recent. Until the establishment of the three train stations, it was a quiet area. Early settlers say that they could even hear the guns of Waterloo back then.

Today, the average selling price for realty in all the postcodes of the area for October 2015 stands at £830,500. The price is rising due to growing demands. So, now is the right time to make a property investment here.

  • People

A large chunk of the population comprises young people who are ambitious professionals. Because employment opportunities are good and promising, they earn well enough to make regular visits to Waitrose, Starbucks, and the like.

However, there’s a second group of people who live here. This group comprises Polish immigrants, Antipodeans, and people who seem to be leading a life of extreme luxury. Women on buggies are a common sighting in West Hampstead.

  • Transportation

The area excels beyond words in this field. It has enviable public transport facilities and serves as an interchange between the three namesake stations – Thameslink Metro, Silverlink Metro, and an Underground Station – each, one minute from the other.

The place rightfully a transportation hub, because there are plenty of buses, too, which connect to the other parts of London. Did you know, you can follow travel updates of the area in real-time on Twitter? Simply follow #whamptravel!

  • Entertainment

Nightlife is next to zero. But, the area is ridden with awesome restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs. Takeaway services are available. Theatres are in abundance as well. The nearest cinema resides on Finchley Road in the O2 Centre. And then, there’s also Screen on The Hill in Belsize Park.

The place is a shopaholic’s heaven. Posh boutiques are everywhere. Even bookworms won’t be disappointed, because there’s the popular West End Lane Books to welcome them.

  • Celeb residence

Did you know Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Robert Webb, and Imelda Staunton live here? The area was once a home to Stephen Fry as well. At every corner, you will find actors, musicians, footballer, and writers. Yes, the place has its exclusive share of celebrity fame.

Overall, West Hampstead is the most ‘livable’ place in London, as per the estate agents here. Professionals, families, and young couples – all are drawn to its impressive architecture and vibrant culture. The population is an eclectic mix. The area is safe, sophisticated, and sociable – so many reasons to lose your heart to it.