Month: May 2015

Creating Innovations in Home Décor Using the Spare Room

Do you have a spare room in your attic or, a spare room beside your dining space? Or, do you want to turn your store room into another one?

If you want to sell your home, then also it is important to renovate your spare room to get better profit. It can rightly help you to enhance the overall appeal of your home décor.

This room will be a part of your entire home décor from now. So you have to think, wisely how to make use of it or in which purpose. There is an array of options in this respect. Here are some of the ideas discussed that will help you get started for having an attractive room within your home.

  • Small Bedroom:

If you have children at your home, and they are now grown up to sleep alone, then you can turn the spare room into their small bed room. Firstly clean up the room and then paint it light. Then install a bed and proper lighting fixtures. Children will surely enjoy having their own space and as it is adjacent to your drawing room, you will be able to take care of them when needed.

  • Study Room:

When you have a spare room full of junk, there might be present a spare table also. Go and get it, clean it, and make use of it. You can easily turn the spare room into a study room. This room need not be a big and classy one. You just need to fix a table-chair set along with all your required books, and then install the bookshelves in this room. Make it look full. Add proper lighting panels and most importantly place a table lamp shade on the table.

Innovations never stop when it comes to redefining your house interiors and this is just the beginning. Try on your own and you will come across many more options.


How a Professional Estate Agent Can Help You Find the Best Home

Modern people of the modern world have learnt how to carry out and wind up real property transactions on their own. This is good and quite appreciable. But, the fact remains that realtors are still needed for smoother, better and more worthwhile buying-selling realty affairs.

No, these professionals are not people of some forgotten times. Their work is still significant. A property transaction handled by them pays off more than one that is done by an individual, alone. Here are four reasons why you should never ditch hiring estate agents in Strood to buy or sell real property:

estate agent

Estate Agent is better at liaising than you:

A realtor has spent his entire career in coordinating with buyers, sellers, and solicitors. He knows the pathway better than you do. He has better access to all the needed resources to make a transaction fruitful and affordable, and very well versed with the tricks and tips of it.

For instance, if you hire estate agents in Strood & Rochester, they will hunt down the best homes that meet your preferences and criteria, contact the realtors associated with the buyers or sellers, fix appointments, and even fix solicitors. You don’t want to take the load entirely on your shoulders, do you?

No one negotiates like him:

Negotiation is perhaps the trickiest part of every property transaction. You might feel that a deal done directly between a buyer and a seller has more clarity than otherwise. But, this is valid only until the buyer and seller are both sensible beings. Sadly, a relationship born out of property transaction is never easy and always full of stress.

But, realtors are professionals. They are strong negotiators and can be the bad guy if they want. You can rant and rave about any discontent directly to him. But, you can never complain about a bad deal if you have engaged in a direct transaction, let alone offending the person on the other side.

Contracts are safer when handled by realtors:

Admit it – you are an amateur and do not get the hang of what the contract says. What if you land yourself into some real trouble? Say, you have settled for a home with a mortgage. What if you cannot pay on time and lose your deposit? What if the seller sues you?

Well, only professionals can handle such mishaps. They know which conditions should be put in the contract and which should be left out. Also, they are aware of how to use the clauses for the benefit of the client and save him from legal trouble, if any.

estate agents

There’s clarity and truth when an estate agent is around:

A licensed realtor is bound by law and has to offer transparent services that suit your interest best. He cannot lie, no matter what. If he does, he is ruining his own reputation and making his clientele shrink.

Lastly, if you are a buyer and thinking you can purchase property at a lower cost without involving a realtor, then wake up and get real! The seller will sell it for a price, which will obviously be at par with the trending transactions in the realty market. And, such transactions will surely involve realtors. So, whatever you are paying is entirely going inside the seller’s wallet. It is he, who is enjoying the profit and not you.

So, get hold of a good, professional realtor today and find the best home for the best deal.


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Estate Agents: Common Myths and Facts About Realtors

Whether it is an attempt to sell a house or to give it on rent, people are often heard complaining about the realtor they hire. For instance, these high-level sales officers are believed to be money-minters and dependent on easy income. But, the fact of the matter remains that it is never easy to be a property professional. Here are a few common misconceptions about realtors and the associated facts:

estate agents

Myth # 1: Realtors do nothing; they have a lot of leisure time to waste:

Fact: No, they don’t. They are as much occupied with their profession as you are, and maybe more. Perhaps you toil at some office from 9-5, five days a week, or more or less something of this schedule. But, for a realtor, the tasks never end. He has no fixed working hours or any weekends. It is he who is actually adjusting with the schedules of clients, and not vice versa.

Myth # 2: You can never find the right home when you hire a realtor:

Fact: His options are limited as much as yours. There are no property listings that he can create on his own. Clients and vendors often blame the realtor for delays. But, the truth is, this professional is totally dependent on the number of properties available in the market. In addition, if multi-bid situations arise, he can do nothing but wait, like you. So, if you have hired estate agents in Walsall, you must have a lot of patience.

Myth # 3: A realtor isn’t inclined toward negotiations:

Fact: It is one of his primary duties; he has to do it anyhow. But, the entire negotiation thing is a two-way process. While your realtor on this side of the transaction is trying hard to make it happen, an equally adept realtor on the other side might be giving him a tough time. Of course, if yours is a better one, you will surely win the deal.

Myth # 4: Realtors are not easily available on the phone:

Fact: Your realtor might be tangled amidst loan officers and title companies. If he had the time to answer each and every call that came in, and that too, whenever it came in, he definitely wouldn’t have the time to involve himself in property transactions. Believe in your realtor; if he is not answering your call, he will surely do it soon once he is done with all the formalities.

Myth # 5: The price they ask in return is always too high:

Fact: Selling or buying property is not a plain sailing. To be a realtor is a high profile, expensive affair. There’s a lot of marketing involved. The professionals have to buy safes, build websites, create flyers and business cards, and even take care of management systems. And, at the end of the day, it is only a meagre amount of money which they make per transaction. So, before you question their fee, walk in their shoes for a day to understand what it really feels like to be a realtor.

The property market out there is tough and cutthroat. And, realtors are as much struggling to make transactions happen as you are. Appreciate them because they are working their socks off just to place you and your property in a profitable position.

How to Do Property Transactions via Estate Agents

The sole work of a realtor is to market, promote and sell property. From paperwork to client management, talks with the solicitor to negotiations, this person has to handle it all. No, they do not survey properties. But, when they assist you in property transactions, surveyors will automatically be recommended.

Now, here are a few points you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy or sell property via estate agents in Telford:


Fee or no fee?

You need not pay the realtor if you are buying a property. The fee is valid only if you are selling a plot of land, a building, a villa, or an apartment. Usually, this fee ranges from 0.5 to 3 % of the selling price of the property. But, you can always do a thorough research and negotiate with the realtor you have opted for, to settle on the perfect price. Ask him to clarify if this fee includes VAT, too.

Keep a track of everything:

Note down the details of conversations you have every day, including the person you spoke to, the date and time as well. This, later, will be like a ready reckoner that will help you with your future endeavours.

Ask questions if you have doubts:

You will definitely have a lot of doubts when you are buying a property. This is only natural. Do not hesitate to put your queries in front of the realtor. Ask him about the duration the property has stayed in the market, or about the furniture and furnishings that will be included in the sales, or if any extra work is needed to bring the property to completion. With all your questions answered, you might save a lot of time and money.

You need to offer, too:

Subject your offer to contract and survey. This action will oblige the realtor and the third party to carry forward the transaction only when the solicitors have prepared and exchanged legal documents. Also, if any difficulty or issue arises post survey, the surveyor will be answerable, not you. Thus, the resulting cost will not be burdened on your shoulder.

Once a deal is fixed, ask the realtor to take the advertisement off the market to avoid gazumping. Proceed when you have received a confirmation letter.


Also, if you are selling property through a realtor, make sure to ask him about track records in similar transactions. Be very clear with how he is going to market your property. The first impression is very important for customer conversion. Make sure both offline and online media are equally utilised. Above all, whether you are selling or buying property, remember to stay in touch with your realtor always.