Estate Agents Advise on How to Make Your Property Pay Top Dollar

An ‘ON SALE’ banner isn’t enough to market and sell your property. Did you know even the seasons are responsible for pulling potential buyers? Yes, homes sell more during springs than in winters, summer, and autumns!

However, there’s one professional, whom you should never cast aside if you want your property to rain cash. He is known as the estate agent. Let’s listen to what he has to say about selling a property effectively.

  • See everything from the market perspective:

Your home is perhaps your biggest investment. But, it is wrong to overprice it. You will shoo away potential buyers and money, too. This is why it is important to take the property market into consideration.

When you see things from a broader perspective, you will learn about the best value for your property. The wise way is to hire estate agents in Cricklewood. They will help you decide the right price for your home.

  • Choose the realtor who is most active:

If you go for the professional simply by the look of the firm’s website that he works for, you could regret your decision later. The process should be more logical. Take the activity and applied experience of this person into account.

How many properties has he dealt with in the past couple of years? What is his rate of success? Is there any complaint lodged against him? Is there anything that he does for the special promotion of properties? Is he technologically sound? Enquire every detail before you jump in at the deep end.


  • How do you want to sell your property?

If you are managing the transaction single-handedly, it is likely that you are going for the simplest type of property sale – the private type. But, if you ask an estate agent, you’ll be surprised to know that you have so many options.

Yes, there is more than one way of selling your home. You could hold an auction. It is a popular way of making superb property deals. It brings about a sense of competition amongst potential buyers, resulting in a handsome amount of money.

And then, there is another way called the fixed date sale. In this, the agent decides a price for your property before advertising it. He then sends formal invitations to property seekers to submit their offers. These submissions are presented to you and you get a chance to choose the best price. This option is best if you are selling a property in a slow market.

property image

  • Professional photographs only, please.

Most people drool over properties that look great. Only photography isn’t enough. The clicks have to have a professional touch as well. Along with that, detailed floor plans should also be included so that the property becomes irresistible and intelligible. A good presentation can surely pay top dollar.

Finally, when the settlement day arrives, make sure you hand out the keys as well as the legal rights to the new owner in return of the payment. Rejoice! You have just sold your home successfully!

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