How to Do Property Transactions via Estate Agents

The sole work of a realtor is to market, promote and sell property. From paperwork to client management, talks with the solicitor to negotiations, this person has to handle it all. No, they do not survey properties. But, when they assist you in property transactions, surveyors will automatically be recommended.

Now, here are a few points you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy or sell property via estate agents in Telford:


Fee or no fee?

You need not pay the realtor if you are buying a property. The fee is valid only if you are selling a plot of land, a building, a villa, or an apartment. Usually, this fee ranges from 0.5 to 3 % of the selling price of the property. But, you can always do a thorough research and negotiate with the realtor you have opted for, to settle on the perfect price. Ask him to clarify if this fee includes VAT, too.

Keep a track of everything:

Note down the details of conversations you have every day, including the person you spoke to, the date and time as well. This, later, will be like a ready reckoner that will help you with your future endeavours.

Ask questions if you have doubts:

You will definitely have a lot of doubts when you are buying a property. This is only natural. Do not hesitate to put your queries in front of the realtor. Ask him about the duration the property has stayed in the market, or about the furniture and furnishings that will be included in the sales, or if any extra work is needed to bring the property to completion. With all your questions answered, you might save a lot of time and money.

You need to offer, too:

Subject your offer to contract and survey. This action will oblige the realtor and the third party to carry forward the transaction only when the solicitors have prepared and exchanged legal documents. Also, if any difficulty or issue arises post survey, the surveyor will be answerable, not you. Thus, the resulting cost will not be burdened on your shoulder.

Once a deal is fixed, ask the realtor to take the advertisement off the market to avoid gazumping. Proceed when you have received a confirmation letter.


Also, if you are selling property through a realtor, make sure to ask him about track records in similar transactions. Be very clear with how he is going to market your property. The first impression is very important for customer conversion. Make sure both offline and online media are equally utilised. Above all, whether you are selling or buying property, remember to stay in touch with your realtor always.